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Month: April 2017

Facebook Live: Research

Of the States that have legalized medical cannabis and more than 20,000 scientific papers show its value. Do you believe that more research is necessary before legalizing it in Utah?     See full article – Facebook Live: Research

Facebook Poll: Rescheduling

Cannabis is a federal Schedule I drug – classified as having no medical value and being as dangerous as heroin. Do you believe cannabis should be rescheduled as a legitimate medical drug by the DEA and FDA? #TRUCE #MMJ #MedC #Utah #UtahPoll     See full article – Facebook Poll: Rescheduling

Rules Set for North Dakota Medical Marijuana Program

Rules for the new program voted in by ND citizens last fall have been mostly approved by the legislature, but activists remain ready to take further action if access proves inadequate…. “BISMARCK — The Legislature approved rules to govern the use of medical cannabis in North Dakota, an uncomfortable compromise for many Republican lawmakers in…

Cannabinoids co-creators of life: from conception to breastfeeding

Very interesting and provocative article….. Humans might not even exist without endocannabinoids (the body’s own) – these vital compounds contribute to attraction and are important in every stage of development. There’s also a great deal of interesting (if preliminary data) about cannabis and human development in pregnancy neonatal life that while definitely too preliminary to…

The 5 Biggest Lies About Pot—And How to Rebut Them

“On average, medical marijuana law states had lower traffic fatality rates than non-MML states. …. Medical marijuana laws are associated with reductions in traffic fatalities, particularly pronounced among those aged 25 to 44 years.” #MMJ #Initiative2018 #UtahNext #Utpol #GetSerious #TRUCE     See full article – The 5 Biggest Lies About Pot—And How to Rebut…