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Month: June 2017

How Cannabis Became Marijuana

As part of TRUCE’s educational charter, we believe the more that more people know about the whole (accurate) history of cannabis in society – medicinally and otherwise – the better we can place it in full context. Removing myths and adding facts helps reveal what’s been holding back medical cannabis research and availability to patients,…

Cannabis History

Cannabis figured prominently in 19th Century medicine after its inclusion in the official US Pharmacopoeia in 1850, where it remained until after its prohibition. Over 100 scientific papers were published on its use during this period, many about treating conditions for which its use has been confirmed today. There were at least 2000 cannabis medicines…

The $5B Challenge Medical Marijuana Poses to Big Pharma

See, it’s not just about “the science” (which is very predominantly on the side of medical cannabis, whenever the research is allowed)… …and it’s not just about the unreasoning opposition by people whose nightmares and thoughts are inhabited by visions of reefer madness stereotypes…. ….it’s also very importantly about the money…. …specifically the money whole…

Utah Veterans for Medical Cannabis

They were there in that time of need, when instinct tells people to run away, they went towards on our behalf. Whether it be battle overseas, or natural disaster here at home, their resolve remains the same… Utah’s men and women in uniform where there for us each and every time! Each day we lose…