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Month: June 2017

Over Prescribed

Medical cannabis has been shown to reduce the use of opioids by up to 25% or more in at least six studies in legal medical cannabis states by now, yet sadly the Utah Legislature is nonethless content to let the epidemic and hundreds of deaths continue here “until the science is in” on a drug…

Can marijuana help mitigate America’s opioid crisis?

The answer to the question in the headline in the link below – as we’ve demonstrated by highlighting multiple studies in our blog over the last year – is clearly a resounding “Yes”: Medical cannabis has been shown to be of great value in helping to mitigate America’s opioid crisis. And we’re most pleased to…

Marijuana labs: Oregon pot tests safer than food

Ever wondered about the safety of your medicine? Oregon tests the cannabis supply and finds it’s extremely safe. (TRUCE does not advocate for recreational use, but purchases made in other states are often categorized as recreational if the buyer is not a resident of that state. Your purchase for medical purposes may still be considered…