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Month: July 2017

Op-Ed: Europe is where medical marijuana is really taking off

A CNBC Editorial: “In our view, people who think opiates are the only answer to pain relief have a similar mis-perception as people who still think medicinal cannabis is nothing more than smoking up with their doctor’s permission. They are both wrong. In short, medical cannabis is about personalized and effective medicine. It’s not about…

Scientists Reveal What Cannabis Does To The Bones

More research on emerging applications for medical cannabis out of Israel, this time on bone healing (with references to multiple studies)….. “The study [into the healing of broken bones] is part of a growing body of research into the medical benefits of marijuana compounds, including CBD. The findings may lead to new research into ways…

On the EDge: Huntsman’s stand against reefer madness

Opinion from St George: “Like so many of us who have been diagnosed with diseases for which there are no cure that result in daily pain levels that challenge the human threshold, Huntsman understands what this compassionate use business is all about.” Utah, it’s time. #MMJ #UTpol #TRUCE #Initiative18 #GetSerious #ItsTime     See full…