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Month: July 2017

Single Compound vs. Whole Plant CBD

Despite authoritative-sounding denials by some medical associations like the UMA, both medical history and current research reveal that whole plant (and rich extract) cannabis are not only “medicine,” they are being found to be superior to “isolated molecule” cannabinoid preparations for most applications. This would include the few synthesized or extracted drugs that are either…

Cannabis Conversations: Dr. Dustin Sulak on Cannabis Dosing

TRUCE Sunday Special: It’s time to start making clear that from our best information, determining and titrating (i.e., adjusting) medical cannabis dosage is no harder to do than it is with compounds in standardized typical model FDA-approved pill form. In fact, once the principles are mastered, whole plant dosage and adjusting is easier, and less…

Dr Sisley

More on the study of medical cannabis for PTSD for veterans with Dr Sue Sisley – discussing both the medical theory behind how cannabis provides relief and how federal alphabet soup agency foot dragging (from the FDA, DEA and NIDA) keeps impeding scientific progress for no rational reasons……     See full article – Dr…

Law Would Force Feds to Let Veterans Get Medical Marijuana

Federal news beat: Third time’s the charm for vets and medical cannabis?? Excerpts: “An amendment to force the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to make cannabis available to veterans who need it was recently approved by the Senate’s Appropriations Committee on a 24-to-7 vote. The department would be prohibited from interfering with a veteran’s ability…

Op-Ed: Europe is where medical marijuana is really taking off

A CNBC Editorial: “In our view, people who think opiates are the only answer to pain relief have a similar mis-perception as people who still think medicinal cannabis is nothing more than smoking up with their doctor’s permission. They are both wrong. In short, medical cannabis is about personalized and effective medicine. It’s not about…