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Month: August 2017

Differences Between Natural and Synthetic Cannabinoid Medicines

UMA has said we already have cannabis in the form of Marinol, a pill made of synthetic THC made in a lab. This article points out, “Change the variety or chemical “recipe” and you change the therapeutic effect.” #MMJ #TRUCE #UtahMed #UTpol     See full article – Differences Between Natural and Synthetic Cannabinoid Medicines

What NPs and PAs Need to Know About Cannabis

From August 2016: A guide for medical professionals and medical cannabis. Even patients can learn something from this. “Even if your state has no medical cannabis legislation, you should understand the science behind this plant.” #MMJ #Treatment #Training #UTpol #UMA #UtahNext #TRUCE     See full article – What NPs and PAs Need to Know…

How Cannabis Works to Control Pain and Anxiety

More science class….!! Part VII of our deepening dive into what the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is – and does – and how it does it… …and this excursion goes the deepest yet… …We’re thrilled about the great response to this series on rapidly developing cannabis science. We feel these ECS-focused articles are as much about…

Op-ed: Estimate of medical marijuana cost is way, way off

Playing against a stacked deck… …but winning… When this story about the supposed “high cost” of the Initiative’s program to the state first ran, we mentioned it but didn’t make a full post, because we’d read the bill line by line. We knew something was seriously wrong with the State’s estimate and have been waiting…