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Month: October 2017

Marijuana and Your Skin: A Guide – Leaf Science

The surprising science of cannabis and our skin…. …the linked article goes into the considerable promise cannabis shows for beneficial applications and effects on skin health in general, but the less desirable results of smoking on skin aging makes vaping (the inhalation method allowed in the initiative), along with extracts and edibles sound better all…

Cannabis and Opioid Use Reduction

There’s much we still didn’t get to in our overview of many aspects of the opioid crisis… For example, opioids have NEVER been found to be effective for LONG-TERM pain relief – which is their highest volume use in the US. Nor did we explore the other negative health effects of even prescribed, non-dependent long-term…

The Secretive Family Making Billions From the Opioid Crisis

Sunday Special… …Crisis and corruption – Part Three: A detailed case study of how one family turned a single pill into a globe-spanning financial empire…. ….while throwing the opioid epidemic into overdrive…. Excerpts: “Since 1996, when Oxycontin was brought to market by Purdue Pharma, a branch of the Sackler family’s pharmaceutical empire, more than 200,000…