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Month: October 2017

Weekly survey: Medical marijuana

Utah’s weekly survey of 10/18 wants to hear from you on whether Utah should legalize the medicinal use of cannabis….. …or wait until more studies have been done. See the brief, open-ended survey here…… #MMJ #Survey #UtahPolicy #UTpol #UtahNext #TRUCE     See full article – Weekly survey: Medical marijuana

Michigan university could be first offering marijuana-based curriculum

Thinking about getting into the medical cannabis industry? Northern Michigan University is creating a degree focused on cannabis production. Students will learn a mix of chemistry, biology, marketing and finance throughout their four-years. #MMJ #TRUCE #CannabisCollege     See full article – Michigan university could be first offering marijuana-based curriculum

Study: Topical CBD Use May Reduce Brain Inflammation

Current Utah law allows only CBD for medical use, and only for epilepsy that hasn’t been controlled by prescription meds. We prefer whole-plant treatments, but this study shows how CBD is beneficial for many ailments besides epilepsy. #MMJ #UTleg #UTpol #CBD #TRUCE #UtahNext #autoimmune     See full article – Study: Topical CBD Use May…

Israeli Company Creates the World’s First Metered-Dose Medical Cannabis Inhaler – News | MERRY JANE

Stick that in your pipe and… …measure it….. One (more) (tired) opponent argument tossed at medical cannabis is that with inhaled cannabis dosage can’t be measured, so physicians can’t prescribe with enough accuracy to reliably help patients. However, here’s an invention that promises to let the world say goodbye to whatever extent this blown-up concern…

Where in the US is Marijuana Legal?

Cannabis laws, state by state: How legal are which uses of cannabis in the US in 2017….?? A staple of our blog from its beginnings has been sharing stories about how cannabis law reform has been sweeping the country (and the world) in recent years – as more and more states and countries have legalized…