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Month: October 2017

Know Your Medicine: Tolerance and Reverse Tolerance

Tolerance and reverse tolerance in cannabis medicine: When is “more less” and “less more” for various cannabinoids and individuals”…?? We’ve talked about how the human endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a “homeostatic” mechanism which works to keep bodily systems in balance. And it turns out, that as it’s receiving various doses of various phytocannabinoids it can…

Clinical Trials of Cannabinoids – 2Q 2017 Report

Play it again, Sam…? “There’s only anecdotal evidence…. …we need to wait for the science….” ….Or actually, nawww, please don’t play those stale arguments again… -There’s much more than anecdotal evidence, and -More than enough medicinal cannabis benefits and the drug’s safety have been firmly established to warrant safe, legal, affordable access. E.g., medicine is…

Marijuana vs. Hemp: What is the Difference | Marijuana Doctors

Sunday Special: Two Sides of a Coin – Cannabis and Hemp. Part Two: Uses, Differences, Similarities. The linked article contrasts the uses of high-resin medical cannabis and low-cannabinoid agricultural (or industrial) hemp. Hemp is used in a broad spectrum of industries – paper, fabrics, building products, food, cosmetics, biofuels, plastics, etc. and a few (sometimes…

Construction on Green Spirit Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Puerto Rico Recommences After Hurricane Maria –

Resilient… Puerto Rico fully legalized medicinal cannabis this July and had just begun serving patients, with more facilities on the way, when Hurricane Maria hit…. “Rosselló Nevares was a scientist before becoming governor of Puerto Rico. He said the law addresses an important public health issue. ‘As a scientist, I know firsthand the impact that…