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Month: November 2017


Sunday focus: the international picture… …Part four: the island nation of Malta. Here’s a series of short articles covering many of the aspects of Malta’s moving toward fuller legalization of medicinal cannabis. As we’ve often noted about the US states, every country seems to be trailblazing its own unique path, as pro-medical cannabis supporters armed…

Regulating medical cannabis is no joke

Sunday focus: the international picture… …Part three: Jamaica gets serious… …about regulating, standardizing and boosting the reputation of its medicines. Jamaica sees a major international business opportunity in combining its pop culture reputation of being identified with cannabis use – from Reggae music, Rastafarian notions and generations of tourists, etc. But at the same time,…

Medical Cannabis Finds Support in Lithuania

Sunday focus… …the international picture… …Part two: Lithuania… “The Lithuanian Parliament voted almost unanimously to consider a change in the country’s drug policy. The suggestion was put forth on Nov. 9 and the vote determined if the subject would be taken up on Dec. 12. …92 MPs voted in favor of debating the issue, with…

US, German Cannabis Producers Can’t Do Business Together, Here’s Why

Sunday focus: the international picture… …Part one: a story of opportunities missed, and legal patients unserved… In the US, generally speaking, because of federal law no medical cannabis products can be legally shipped across state lines. There seem to be some exceptions, and “cannabinoid” FDA-approved single molecule pharmaceuticals are exempted altogether, but in general, while…

ASA Activist Newsletter – November 2017

TRUCE is proud to be an affiliate of Americans for Safe Access (ASA) – the largest group in the country whose only agenda is securing safe, legal access to medicinal cannabis – and with arguments based solely on the factual merits. So no “big pharma,” “recreational” or even “big farming” connection here. Just legitimate access…

CBD Misconceptions

CBD alone is not as effective as it is when paired with THC. #MMJ #UTpol #UTleg #TRUCE     See full article – CBD Misconceptions

A Fudge On Facts – Volteface

This Brit think tank looked into an op-ed about American cannabis use, quoting stats from the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (RMHIDTA). They found the stats, as well as the author, we not only twisted… but downright fabricated. As we have seen in Utah, “Fear and Smear” is alive and well. #MMJ #RMHIDTA…

Marijuana and ADHD – Leaf Science

There are no universally effective medication approaches to ADHD, and other forms of psychological treatment will remain part of the multi-pronged approach to its treatment. Cannabis may not be THE answer, but there are promising indications it may be part of it…. Stimulant medications – which have “paradoxical effects” in calming the symptoms in young…

Thanksgiving Canna-Recipes; Medicated Gravy

A cannabis Thanksgiving? Finding a way to hide the taste of medicine has always been a daunting task. Cannabis is no different: many patients dislike the earthy, grassy taste of cannabis oil, often compared to wheat grass juice. This article from 2013 suggests a way to partially camouflage the taste of cannabis. Happy Thanksgiving! #MMJ…

Giving thanks

Our hearts are full of thanks to our supporters…. ….wishing the best of Thanksgivings to you and all of yours….     See full article – Giving thanks