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Month: November 2017

What Does Cannabis Do To Your Heart?

Straight from the heart…. We feel that taking a deeper look at the science on how cannabis effects the heart (and existing heart disease) is timely, especially in light of the recent controversy where some media turned the less than well-chosen remarks by two doctors into viral claims that the world had seen “the first…

Marijuana’s Long Term Effects on the Brain Finally Revealed

Much has been written and spoken about the supposed negative effects of cannabis on the brain and nervous system functioning. But while nearly all of it – until recently – has been part of the reefer madness mythologizing and is beyond misinformed… …happily the truth is starting to emerge… “The University of Texas just published…

medical marijuana legislation awaits lawmakers

Sunday special – other states on the move. As the opening of state legislative sessions all over the country approaches, cannabis measures are in various states of progress in a number of states…. Part one: Georgia… The peach state appears to be adopting medical cannabis in a step-by-step fashion, with progress already made and momentum…