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Month: November 2017

Opinion: Marijuana is the Swiss Army knife of medicine

The MD’s tale… …doing what works… After Dr. Mark Moon’s brother died from cancer, he decided he’d begin prescribing cannabis. In 2016, he opened MEDCAN in Tallahassee, Florida’s first medical office dedicated to helping patients qualify for medical cannabis under FL Law. Since then, MEDCAN has cared for hundreds of patients over thousands of visits.…

FDA and Marijuana: Questions and Answers

Sunday sidebar: The FDA speaks…. Regular readers know we regard the FDA, DEA, NIDA with, well, let’s call it a fair amount of healthy skepticism re their convoluted and often the-opposite-of-helpful history. Earlier today, we discussed one newish opponent tactic, i.e., “slow-walking” the science, and wrapping themselves in the “Dragnet” mantra of wanting “the facts…

Poland Legalized Medical Marijuana on Wednesday November 1st

Put another country pin in the world medical cannabis map…. Poland now has a legal medical cannabis program… …and once the law was passed, they didn’t wrangle for years over the details of starting to actually implement it…. Excerpts: “Polish pharmacies are allowed to sell cannabis since the legislation regulating medical marijuana came into force…

Park City Television

Here’s the video of TRUCE’s appearance on the Mountain Views show on Park City TV from November 1st. The TRUCE segment featuring Christine Stenquist and Thomas Paskett of TRUCE starts at about 11 minutes and 20 seconds into the program. Topics include how medical cannabis can help ease the opioid crisis in Utah and more….…

Researchers Learn How to Improve Medical Cannabis Plant Production

The pursuit of better medicinal cannabis through science…. As we keep pointing out (you’ve noticed? 🤔😉), there is (way) more than enough solid scientific evidence showing that medical cannabis is a highly safe and often very effective medicine for various conditions to justify bringing safe, legal and affordable access to all who can benefit. However,…