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Month: December 2017

Cannabis Drug Interactions –

Sunday clinic… …Part Three: An extensive database of known and possible drug interactions between cannabis and other drugs. Continuing our progression from the general to the specific, here’s the most complete database we can find on ALL known cannabis drug interactions. A total of 602 drugs (4269 brand and generic names) are known to interact…

9 Prescription Medications You Should Avoid Mixing With Weed

Sunday clinic… …Part Two: Prescription drugs which can have potentially negative interactions with cannabis. As we’ve noted in referencing hundreds of articles in our blog over past years (and having read thousands of others), if there’s another widely medical useful drug safer than (or even as medically safe as) whole plant cannabis or its natural…

How Does Cannabis Interact With Other Drugs? | Leafly

Sunday clinic… …Part One: Overviews of interactions between medicinal cannabis and other drugs, exploring benefits, cautions and questions for future research. Today’s articles include looking at prescription drugs, over the counter products and drugs like alcohol. A few considerations to keep in mind: 1. TRUCE is committed to sharing the whole evidence-based story of medicinal…

The Biology of Cannabis vs. Opioids for Pain Relief | Leafly

Synergy, where two (or more) drugs can be more medically effective together than either is on its own, is an important aspect of medicine as attested to by the large number of multi-drug treatment plans for various conditions, e.g, these are the main regimens for drug treatment of tuberculosis and epilepsy, and multiple drugs have…

Following the “town hall”/lecture given in Weber County by law enforcement a few weeks ago, the Ogden Standard-Examiner published an article as a means of fact-checking what had been delivered to the sparse crowd. As a follow-up, Truce’s Policy Director Tom Paskett wrote a reply. It gives a summary of how we feel regarding the…

Medicinal Plant Chemistry

As we reported yesterday, colleges are beginning to focus education on the cannabis industry. Northern Michigan University has a Bachelor’s program for people looking for a career in the medical cannabis industry! #MMJ #NMU #TRUCE #UtahNext     See full article – Medicinal Plant Chemistry