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Month: December 2017

Magu: The Hemp Goddess Who Healed Ancient Asia

Sunday spotlight on cannabis history: Part Four – A matter of perspective. To round today’s series up, and to end on an up note, we’ll share a little historical sidelight we happened to stumble across in researching today’s articles – and a charming, hopeful story we had never heard about before. We’ve often published (including…

“The Curious Case of ‘Cannaphobia’….”

Sunday spotlight on cannabis history: Part Three – “Cannaphobia strikes deep… …into your heart it will creep.” This piece covers somewhat the same historical period as Part Two, but from a different angle – how society has seen and felt about cannabis over recent history, which may help explain why many still have visceral negative…

How Cannabis Became Marijuana

Sunday spotlight on cannabis history: Part Two – “How Cannabis became Marijuana”…. Here’s the opening of a fascinating and well told story on a broad historical canvas – written by a pain management doctor…. “Cannabis has been many things; from the most important agricultural crop in the world to the most vilified drug. Use of…

The 10,000-year World History of Hemp and Cannabis

Sunday spotlight on cannabis history: Part One – the last 10,000 years Perspective: Humanity’s relationship with cannabis dates to pre-history – how far we can’t yet say. Evidence to date has established that we’ve been raising and using the plant for varied purposes for at least 10,000 years… …which is as long as humans have…

Study: Why Pot Smokers Are Skinnier

Harvard/University of Nebraska study: Despite stronger appetites, cannabis users had more stable blood sugar. #MMJ #UTpol #UTleg #UtahNext     See full article – Study: Why Pot Smokers Are Skinnier

Improving Medical Cannabis Programs Will Combat Opioid Crisis

Well thought through and and evidence-based solutions are out there for state decision-makers more interested in solving problems and saving lives than in defensively clinging to the badly failed policies of the past… …and given a Utah legislature which has been unable to meaningfully act on the issue in a substantially positive fashion, it’s going…

“What Is CBC and What Are the Benefits of This Cannabinoid? | Leafly”

We’re readying ourselves for the possibility of medically unsound proposals in the upcoming Legislature aimed at convincing Utahns that CBD-Only “cannibinoid” medicines are “good enough” for the state’s needs and the state should reject whole plant proposals. In reality, cannabis’ full range of beneficial medicinal actions can’t be realized with just CBD. In fact CBD…