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Month: January 2018

Nearly 70 Congress members push spending bill amendment to protect state-legal marijuana

Pushback: Congress begins to wake up on considering cannabis reform legislation…. “Members of Congress have proposed a spending bill amendment that would ensure protections for states that have legalized marijuana. Nearly 70 US representatives signed onto a letter sent to House of Representatives leadership asking for the inclusion of the provision, known as the McClintock-Polis…

Foods Rich In Cannabinoids – Other Than Cannabis

Sunday Science Special, Part Two: Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency – and natural complements to cannabis The idea of clinical endocannabinoid deficiency – where supplementing the body’s own ECS system with plant-based phytocannabinoids is seen as helping the body to restore homeostasis and function more optimally – allows us to usefully see medicinal cannabis as somewhat akin…

Dr. Ethan Russo on CBD & Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency

Sunday Science Special, Part One: What is “Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency” and how does it help explain the value and mechanism of medicinal cannabis…?? When Dr. Ethan Russo speaks, we listen. As a neurologist who’s held many important positions in companies, academia and foundations, including being a Harvard faculty member, he’s one of the country’s pre-eminent…

Doctor overseeing CBD oil study faces Medicare fraud charges

Strange doings in local research… Anyone who follows TRUCE even casually knows we support evidence-based research on cannabis. We report (credibly) on published findings sometimes multiple times a day, discuss the nature of what makes evidence, analyze how the FDA, DEA, NIDA, AMA, UMA and other groups approach science – and how groups like the…

Why I chose to use cannabis

National Institute of Health, 2016: Ovarian Cancer patient explains why she decided to use cannabis during chemo– #MMJ #UTpol #UTleg #UtahNext #TRUCE     See full article – Why I chose to use cannabis

[Focus] Medical cannabis makes small steps in EU

Good news from Copenhagen…. Attorney General Sessions – who has received virtually no support from any officials in legal states or from any members of Congress for taking it on himself to reignite possible federal action against legal state programs may think he’s on some leading edge of putting the cannabis genie back in the…

The Top Misconceptions about CBD

“THC is the bad cannabinoid. CBD is the good cannabinoid.” Actually both cannabinoids have medicinal properties, and work best when paired together… as found in whole, natural cannabis. #MMJ #UTpol #UTleg #TRUCE #UtahNext #MoreThanCBD     See full article – The Top Misconceptions about CBD