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Month: February 2018

The 10 Significant Marijuana Studies of 2017

Myths about cannabis it’s time to get over (one in a long series, alas): “It’s all anecdotal evidence. There are no studies.” Well… …no, just no. For example, here’s 10 of the best from just from last year. NTM the other 25,000 scientific papers on medicinal cannabis published in this young century already, already…. ….and…

District Map

End of the day update: No videocast today as no major movement. HB197 wasn’t brought back for a final House vote, rather it was granted a motion to be reconsidered later after the sponsor makes more “tweaks” and/or shores up enough favorable votes to ensure passage on the second try. HB197 is the “cannabis grow”…

Judge Rules Insurance Company Must Cover Medical Marijuana

Trends in Medicinal Cannabis: The “no insurance for you” dam holding back affordable access is showing signs of cracking in some states…. ************ TRUCE NOTES: 1. If there’s any news of note coming out of today’s legislative activities, we’ll have coverage of it after the day’s session, maybe in the form of facebook video as…