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Month: March 2018

Medical Cannabis Approval Sweeps Across Europe

Meanwhile on the other side of the Atlantic, legalization of medicinal cannabis is proceeding apace….. Excerpts: “The legalization of cannabis for medical use has experienced a widespread wave of interest and support in Europe. Why is this topic becoming so important now, within governments and the scientific community? Although Germany has one of the strictest…

New Studies Show Legal Access to Marijuana is Consistently Linked With Reduced Opioid Use – TheJointBlog

In other news, water is still wet…. “Mainstream” authorities keep saying there’s no strong evidence cannabis can help abate the epidemic of opioid-related cases of dependency and the associated overdoses often leading to unnecessary deaths. Yet there’s a steady stream of new studies all showing that where cannabis is legally available, opioid use (and deaths)…

ATTN: Video

Video Wednesday: States with legal access to cannabis have lower incidence of opioid abuse. Consider California: legal medical cannabis since 1996 and California is 7th LOWEST in the nation for deaths from Opioid overdose. #MMJ #UTleg #UTpol #Truce     See full article – ATTN: Video


And the opioid crisis keeps getting worse. The time for action is now. #MMJ #UTpol #UTleg #Truce #UtahNext     See full article – ATTN:

KUTV 2News

TRUCE Executive Director, Christine Stenquist spoke with KUTV 2News regarding the recent legislative session and ballot initiative. Ms. Stenquist made several important points about SB130 (regulating CBD products). First, only “qualified” pharmacies can offer products (and only via a doctor’s recommendation) – and second, the sponsor of the bill, Senator Vickers happens to own several…