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Month: March 2018

ATTN: Video

Video Wednesday: States with legal access to cannabis have lower incidence of opioid abuse. Consider California: legal medical cannabis since 1996 and California is 7th LOWEST in the nation for deaths from Opioid overdose. #MMJ #UTleg #UTpol #Truce     See full article – ATTN: Video


And the opioid crisis keeps getting worse. The time for action is now. #MMJ #UTpol #UTleg #Truce #UtahNext     See full article – ATTN:

KUTV 2News

TRUCE Executive Director, Christine Stenquist spoke with KUTV 2News regarding the recent legislative session and ballot initiative. Ms. Stenquist made several important points about SB130 (regulating CBD products). First, only “qualified” pharmacies can offer products (and only via a doctor’s recommendation) – and second, the sponsor of the bill, Senator Vickers happens to own several…

America Is Giving Away the $30 Billion Medical Marijuana Industry

Cutting off our nose to spite our face…. …the US government’s medieval policies on medicinal cannabis have many casualties…. ….millions of patients denied the most effective treatments for their conditions…. …lives ruined by legal actions with no rational basis…. ….opioid overdoses which could have been avoided…. ….and the US economy itself, given that the US…