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Month: April 2018

Ohio Begins Training its Medical Marijuana Workforce

Taking on another myth about the Utah Medical Cannabis Act…. …UMCA opponents are wont to conjure up images of the developing dispensary systems up and running in half the US as inadequate for delivering the right medicine to the right patients, but in fact as a nation we’ve been learning how to operate medical cannabis…


Video Wednesday: Medical refugees that moved to Colorado to treat their son’s disease with medical cannabis. Any guesses how he responded to the addition of cannabis to his treatment? #utpol #MMJ #Truce #utahpatients #UtahNext     See full article – Herb

Potheads make bad laws – Utah.Politico.Hub

Who makes “bad laws”….?? If you were writing a law to set up a medical cannabis program, would you choose: A. The Utah Patients Coalition, whose proposal is based on SB73 – a bill passed by the Utah State Senate in 2016, re-drafted after consulting many stakeholders in 2017 and finalized by a legislative drafting…

‘Political Insiders’ split on how LDS Church opposition will affect medical cannabis proposal

How firm is the public’s support for the Utah Medical Cannabis Act (UMCA)? UtahPolicy recently surveyed “a panel” of its readers after the LDS Church’s statement of support for the Utah Medical Association’s inflammatory opposition statement in an attempt to prognosticate on the question. Not surprisingly, “Policy Insiders” differ on how they view the likely…

Op-ed: Don’t be deceived by Utah’s marijuana initiative

Reform opponents like the Eagle Forum’s Gayle Ruzicka are (correctly) concluding they can’t debate medicinal cannabis on its merits. Instead, they’re resorting to pretending the initiative is something it’s not – and then trying to make the public think the debate is about that thing. But the Utah Medical Cannabis Act (UMCA) is simply not…