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Month: April 2018

Comments: Gehrke: LDS Church’s stance on medical marijuana doesn’t make sense. Why is it OK for a Nevada Mormon but not a Utah Mormon?

Excerpts: “At a 2010 conference for Mormon priesthood leaders, the first question asked was about the church’s policy on medical marijuana. The response: It is an issue between the church member, the member’s bishop and the Lord, to be made in consultation with the scriptures and the LDS health code called the Word of Wisdom.…

Flawed and misleading

“…Just a thought…” Since we have a smaller megaphone, we’ve been stewing at the heavily publicized tactics being employed by Utah Medical Association – fretting that they might get away with promulgating a tissue of lies, innuendo, mischaracterization… …and multiple below the belt attacks on the character and motives of advocates and activists. So we’ve…

Report: Nixon’s war on drugs targeted black people

John Ehrlichman, a Nixon White House advisor on domestic policy, was quoted in a 2016 magazine article about Nixon’s creation of the Controlled Substance Act in 1970. According to the quote, Nixon placed cannabis in Schedule 1 for political reasons. “We could arrest their leaders. raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them…

The Mormon church signals opposition to a Utah medical marijuana ballot initiative, an item most voters have supported

“Never consulted…..” The shape of the Utah debate on medical cannabis has changed with the LDS Church’s statement agreeing with the Utah Medical Association’s opinion. The path forward faces obstacles put up by influential parties like these, the Governor, and others. While dismaying, none of this on its own changes the momentum of the reform…

New report finds benefits and risks of marijuana

Video Wednesday: CBS News’ Dr. John LaPook is a conservative when it comes to cannabis. But in this Jan 2017 report, he acknowledges we are barely discovering the Endocannabinoid System, and agrees there are some obvious benefits to cannabis. #MMJ #Truce #UtahNext #utpol     See full article – New report finds benefits and risks…