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Month: May 2018

Cannabis Dosing Conundrum | Project CBD

Contrary to the claims of opponents, determining the proper dosage and form of cannabis medicine is no mystery… …it just has its own more individualized set of protocols and some customized for plant-based medicine. So just another trumped-up objection…. The same basic principles apply as anywhere else in medicine… …right patient, right medicine (strain, cannabinoid…

CDC: Fake CBD oil sickened 52 people in Utah

Continued medical prohibition is causing more net harm in Utah and to Utahns than legal, properly regulated and supervised medical cannabis ever could – while current laws accomplish little if any net good. Black markets, non-tax-paying enterprises and workers, unethical suppliers, improper processing and contamination, unnecessary medical tragedy – as in this story – and,…


Despite what Drug Safe Utah says, Cannabis can be a gateway out of opioid crisis. That’s a fact. #utpol #utleg #Truce #utahpatients     See full article – Herb

Guest opinion: Sutherland Institute should claim their role in the ‘NASCAR pileup’

Whole lotta’ gall department: DSU sponsors lecturing advocates on “civility”….?? 🤔😳🤣😂 “In a recent op-ed, Rick Larsen, the president of Sutherland Institute, makes a call for increased #civility surrounding the medical marijuana ballot initiative. He bemoans the spectacle that the discourse has become– like ‘a NASCAR pileup’– and frets that ultimately, uninformed voting on ballot…

FULL EPISODE- Dateline: Growing Hope

Video Wednesday: Drug Safe Utah has sued the Lt Governor, saying there’s no medical benefit. Utah is a decade behind other states, that have found benefit in cannabis. The change across the country started with CBD. This Dateline NBC series from 2015 chronicles the struggle in Virginia to change state law to obtain access for…

Medical marijuana supporters push back in court

Hold on just a minute now… “The Utah Patients Coalition said in court documents they’ve put substantial time and money into the complicated process of gathering signatures to make the ballot and should be able to defend their initiative in court.” Further, we’re not sure how vigorously the Lt. Gov. intends to fight the suit.…

Poll: 2018 election looks bleak for recreational marijuana

Medical cannabis opponents constantly remind us “medical legalization is the first step to recreational legalization”. No, it’s not. There are two paths to recreational use in Utah: 1.) Someone like Brad Daw writing a bill to push on Capitol Hill, and getting the rest of the legislature to agree to pass it. We all know…