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Month: May 2018

What are the health benefits and risks of cannabis?

Like any medicine, the effects of cannabis can vary from patient to patient. While we can’t confirm or deny some of these reactions to cannabis use, we feel a patient should have a right to use medical cannabis and/or discuss this with their doctor without fear of prosecution. #utpol #utleg #Truce #UtahNext #MMJ    …

Another Deceptive Drug Safe Utah Canvasser Video (#2)

***BREAKING NEWS*** Another video recording of a Drug Safe Utah canvasser video using deceptive tactics (i.e., telling lies and half-truths) has been sent to TRUCE. In this shorter video there are still multiple examples of the totally unethical nature of the DSU campaign. As per usual (and as is UMA’s policy – i.e., refusing to…

Anti-marijuana group says it’s working with the DEA to sabotage medical pot

National media are starting to pay attention to the DEA’s support of Drug Safe Utah’s out-of-control campaign… The involvement not only raises 10th Amendment concerns, but also whether federal laws are being broken, e.g., the Hatch Act and the “Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018.” Nonetheless… “Federal officials are getting dragged into a state-level…

Video Shows Canvasser Misleading Voter About Marijuana Initiative

Up to now, UMA’s non-medical CEO has been leading the charge by personally making nearly all of the organization’s intemperate, innuendo-filled and inaccurate public statements opposing any meaningful medical cannabis reform, and bizarrely, as a group of professional physicians, denying there’s any validity in the 25,000 scientific papers on the topic. Including (to their shame)…

Video shows medical marijuana opponent trying to get signatures removed from ballot initiative

“TRUCE released a video showing a woman asking someone in St. George to remove their signature from a citizen petition and making false claims. ‘It’s simply filled with fanciful confabulations, outright untruths and attempts to manipulate the person being visited,’ said TRUCE director Christine Stenquist. …UMA, which is primarily behind the campaign to get people…