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Benefits of Consuming Raw Cannabis | Marijuana Doctors

THCA and raw cannabis – an emerging focus of medical, nutritional, and nutraceutical interest (Part two of two)… Our earlier article on THCA highlighted its interest to medical researchers, particularly in its potential to help fight neuroinflammatory illnesses. This more detailed treatment also focuses on THCA in the context of raw (non-carboxylated) cannabis’ general health-enhancing…

New Study Says Eating Raw Weed Protects Against Brain Diseases

Meet THCA, THC’s unprocessed cousin, with its own health-enhancing properties (Part One of Two): THCA may be (among many other things) neuroprotective and a useful agent in preventing or mitigating dementia, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Huntington’s Disease and more. “…there‚Äôs another cannabinoid floating around out there that is definitely deserving of more attention: THCA or…

Ktalk Media

Starting shortly: Christine Stenquist will be a guest on Ktalk tonight from 8 to 9. She is hoping to address the question “why is CBD only not enough” that many TRUCERS keep getting asked…. *Update on cannabis, Utah government & more with Christine Stenquist on The Cate Allen show Monday (tonight) 8PM-9PM MST or…

Medical Marijuana Seems Safe for Chronic Pain

WebMD, 2015: Medical Cannabis has a good safety profile, appears a safe alternative for chronic pain. Someone should tell the UMA about this. Oh wait, we did. UMA says “marijuana isn’t medicine.” #MMJ #UTpol #UtahNext #TRUCE #ChronicPain     See full article – Medical Marijuana Seems Safe for Chronic Pain

Statement on Cannabidiol for the FDA

Here’s an important “Monday Followup” to yesterday’s “Sunday Special” on all things CBD… Project CBD (a leading advocacy group) has released the following recommendations it’s made to the FDA which has asked for public statements on CBD (excerpts): “Do not make CBD a prescription-only drug. This would only serve the interests of drug companies while…

CBD User’s Manual

Sunday special: A few handy guides… Part two of two – A CBD User’s Manual While this compendium of useful info would be more immediately useful if Utah already had a functional medicinal cannabis program, it answers many questions and clears up many misconceptions people have about CBD, and as you’ll note, while pointing out…

10 Medical Cannabis Myths Busted – Hemp Gazette

Sunday special: A few handy guides… Part one of two: 10 myths about the medicinal use of cannabis In the (not so long ago) days before most people got most of their information in digital form, we would have labeled a printed article like this, “Clip ‘n Save,” but however you keep track of or…