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Thailand is Poised to Legalize Medical Cannabis

Placement of another “Yes!” pin on the world’s medicinal cannabis map seems imminent. Thailand is on the verge of legalization. One particular reason that this is significant is that most of the countries which have legalized are in the Americas and Europe. Asia and Africa, by contrast, have been much slower to act. A number…

CBD as Preventative Medicine | Project CBD

Preventive Cannabis Medicine – a new horizon. TRUCE will respond to misleading contentions about what medicinal cannabis will mean for Utah as such accusations become active parts of the public dialog, and, absolutely, we’ll talk about dirty pool being played by various parties in government, business and elsewhere who place their perceived best interests above…

Q&A with DJ Schanz

Utah Patients Coalition was recently featured in City Weekly in a short Q&A Session…. #MMJ #UPC #Initiative #UTpol #UtahNext #TRUCE     See full article – Q&A with DJ Schanz

Endocanabinoid Deficiency Leads to Fibromyalgia. National Pain Foundation Survey

We recently blogged several articles on science’s growing knowledge about how medical cannabis acts to remediate imbalances in the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). One key ECS functions is maintaining balance (“homeostasis”) in various bodily systems, and we’re learning how the phytocannabinoids in cannabis can help correct system imbalances by augmenting the body’s supply of the…