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America Is Giving Away the $30 Billion Medical Marijuana Industry

Cutting off our nose to spite our face…. …the US government’s medieval policies on medicinal cannabis have many casualties…. ….millions of patients denied the most effective treatments for their conditions…. …lives ruined by legal actions with no rational basis…. ….opioid overdoses which could have been avoided…. ….and the US economy itself, given that the US…

Pinene: Cancer-Killing, Memory-Enhancing Terpene – MassRoots

Beyond cannabinoids…. We’ve always been strong backers of whole plant medicinal cannabis, as has the medical cannabis movement going back to its modern incarnation in the 1990s to today’s ever-growing nation-wide acceptance. Before that, cannabis medicines in the US go back to the early to mid 19th Century when they were an important part of…

How Virginia turned around on medical cannabis

Virginia started out like Utah: Cannabis only for patients with Epilepsy. And here in 2018, “Virginia will set historic public policy by becoming the first state legislature to expand a hyper-restrictive medical cannabis program from a single qualifying condition to any diagnosed condition.” #UTleg #UTpol #Truce #MMJ     See full article – How Virginia…

Medical Marijuana, Inc. Major Investment AXIM Biotech Announces First-Ever Successful Achievement of Proprietary cGMP Extraction and Manufacturing Methods for Pure Cannabinoid Molecules

The pharmaceutical companies are determined to be part of cannabis medicine. We know many of our readers are implacably opposed to this, and not without reason. Our own sentiments are decidedly mixed, as we’ll explain, but whatever your attitude, TRUCE will continue to cover developments in the sector as objectively as possible. The realities in…

ATTN: Video

Video Wednesday: The difference between a medicine and a toxin is the dose. Even water can kill you in the right amount. For cannabis, the toxic level of THC would require ingestion of 1500 pounds of government-grown cannabis in 15 minutes. #MMJ #UTleg #UTpol #Truce     See full article – ATTN: Video