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Growing Hope, Part 2

Video Wednesday: Growing Hope, Part 2. (2015) This issue shows the hurdles faced by Virginia parents as they try to get their legislature on board… a very familiar story that played out in Utah. #utpol #utleg #utahpatients #truce     See full article – Growing Hope, Part 2


This is my sweet friend Emilee. She has been through a lot. She is a brave woman and is an inspiration to me. Love ya Emilee Sharp! #FreeToChoose #OpioidCrisis     See full article – AlternativePAC

Utahns will be voting on medical marijuana and Medicaid expansion — but not Utah’s candidate nominating law, says top election official

Again, congratulations, Utah! Lots to do yet, but history’s been made by literally hundreds of thousands acting to assert their rights to safe and effective care. Excerpts of the Trib’s coverage: “‘We’re ecstatic that Utah voters will have a voice in this matter,’ said DJ Schanz, director of the Utah Patients Coalition. Drug Safe Utah…

Wyoming DCI Says CBD Oils Legally Ambiguous

If you thought Utah’s cannabis laws were confusing and backward, a look at our neighboring state of Wyoming shows how the legislature is doing just the opposite of their constituent’s desire. #utpol #wypol #Truce #MMJ     See full article – Wyoming DCI Says CBD Oils Legally Ambiguous

Clinical Trials of Cannabinoids – 1Q 2018 Report

“…But, but, but we have to wait for the research…” No we don’t. There’s more research done and going on than you can shake a stick at. Like all the main opponent objections, this one is trumped up. For example, all of this is just in a report of the first quarter of 2018 alone…!!…

Anti-pot leaflet called incorrect, stirs ire in S.L.

Last Friday, we posted a SL Trib article that introduced the “money guy” behind Drug Safe Utah’s attempts to remove names from the ballot initiative. This Des News article goes back to 1998, and shows Plumb was an active opponent of cannabis way back then. Again, he was “the money” behind publication and distribution of…

Cannabis Dosing Conundrum | Project CBD

Contrary to the claims of opponents, determining the proper dosage and form of cannabis medicine is no mystery… …it just has its own more individualized set of protocols and some customized for plant-based medicine. So just another trumped-up objection…. The same basic principles apply as anywhere else in medicine… …right patient, right medicine (strain, cannabinoid…

CDC: Fake CBD oil sickened 52 people in Utah

Continued medical prohibition is causing more net harm in Utah and to Utahns than legal, properly regulated and supervised medical cannabis ever could – while current laws accomplish little if any net good. Black markets, non-tax-paying enterprises and workers, unethical suppliers, improper processing and contamination, unnecessary medical tragedy – as in this story – and,…