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ATTN: Video

Video Wednesday: The difference between a medicine and a toxin is the dose. Even water can kill you in the right amount. For cannabis, the toxic level of THC would require ingestion of 1500 pounds of government-grown cannabis in 15 minutes. #MMJ #UTleg #UTpol #Truce     See full article – ATTN: Video

Teen Use Decline

Young people are intensely curious about the world around them and the kinds of experiences it has to offer. Arming our children with accurate information, not stereotypes and myths, leads to better choices and outcomes as they come to understand the role cannabis plays in health and the legitimate reasons for giving it a wide…

Truce on the hill….Day 43 of the session. Where are we now?     See full article –

Medical marijuana blazing it’s way towards November ballot

Initiative in the local news…. …this KUTV report shows various advocates, volunteers and Utah Patients Coalition members gathering signatures, and has an interview with TRUCER, Desiree Hennesy. The reports notes that there’s been lots of progress on signatures. Most continuing efforts are in are where UPC isn’t sure they’ve met the minimum for given state…

Medical Marijuana Access in The United States

Here’s something else Utahns can “thank” our Legislature for: We’re one of the remaining states in the US which still gets a relative grade of “F” for medical cannabis access based on an extensive review… Americans for Safe Access has been developing extensive criteria which scientists, practitioners and patients can employ to see exactly how…