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Study: Smoking Marijuana Not Linked with Lung Damage |

We’ve all heard smoking cannabis is bad for your lungs. But this 2012 article from Time magazine quotes an article in Journal of the American Medical Association, which states otherwise. Read on! #UTpol #UTleg #MMJ #Truce     See full article – Study: Smoking Marijuana Not Linked with Lung Damage |

One lawmaker says he’s nervous ‘about empowering the citizenry,’ as committee pushes bill to delay effective date of voter initiatives

“I’m nervous about the concept of empowering the citizenry….” Unbelievable. In our years of dealing with the legislature this is instantly one of the most disheartening, but telling sentiments we’ve heard from a legislator, not just because it would delay implementation of duly passed initiatives – we’ve sadly seen the date for serving patients pushed…

Live update from the state capitol.     See full article –

ATTN: Video

Video Wednesday: This autistic child responds well to cannabis for control of her symptoms. #MMJ #UTpol #UTleg #Truce     See full article – ATTN: Video

Medical marijuana bills face resistance from local patients

HB195 and 197 – bills which TRUCE has serious reservations about from patients’ point of view – have one more legislative hurdle in the Senate before being sent to the Governor for signing. This detailed interview of Christine Stenquist by News4Utah goes into depth about the separate problems in both bills, for example, the over-limited…