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Miracles of Cannabis

Sunday special, Part One: Here are some very promising results for using medicinal cannabis in the management of debilitating and dangerous Chron’s Disease. This small scale study showed strong indications of relief for patients. It has not demonstrated that it is a “cure” per se, but it certainly is promising. We’ll share the data behind…

35,000 people work in the cannabis industry in Colorado. The business generated $225 Million in taxes in 2017. And the industry is not deterred by Jeff Sessions. #UTpol #UTleg #MMJ #TRUCE #ShameOnBrad     See full article –

University of Colorado Will Use a “CannaVan” to Conduct Medical Cannabis Research – News | MERRY JANE

Here comes the “Cannavan”…. …driving to where cannabis research has never gone before… …research subjects’ homes… …”Buckle up!… “Medical cannabis is one of the fastest-growing fields in modern medicine, but conducting scientific research on the plant’s medicinal powers is a challenging task, thanks to federal laws that make it difficult for researchers to acquire quality…