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Hurdles expected for Utah’s medical marijuana research law

In the national news: Utah patients caught between national and state law shell games…. Echoing a state slogan of a few decades ago, “Visit the Different World of Utah,” this nationally featured article highlights the inherent contradictions in the current approach the state legislature has taken, and the obdurate, archaic wall of irrational national DEA/FDA/NIDA…

Big Pharma Wants a Monopoly On One of Weed’s Key Medicinal Compounds

The tongue-twisting “pharmaceuticalization” of medical cannabis is a troubling trend we’re seeing in the states still fighting for safe, legal access for patients. This bodes to severely limit the range of medicines available by excluding all proven whole plant forms, and granting near or actual monopolies to drug companies who’ve spent large amounts to create…

Medical marijuana expanding in Iowa after Branstad OKs bill

In April, Iowa expanded its medical cannabis program beyond epilepsy, giving access to thousands of patients for cancer, Crohns Disease, MS, Parkinsons Syndrome, and others. Iowa is in many ways very similar to Utah: conservative, with a Republican governor, and R’s controlling both its House, and Senate. What does Iowa know that Utah doesn’t? #MMJ…

What Is CBG?

Sunday Seminar: Know your cannabinoids…. …meet CBG… CBG is another of the scores of unique phytochemicals (plant- made substances) found in the whole cannabis plant which shows indications of having much potential medical promise – and more to the point of the current debate – CBG is another constituent of cannabis you won’t see in…

Opinion | What Science Says About Marijuana

2014 New York Times op-ed: “Although few marijuana users develop dependence, some do,” according to the study. “But they appear to be less likely to do so than users of other drugs (including alcohol and nicotine), and marijuana dependence appears to be less severe than dependence on other drugs.”     See full article –…