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Inside Germany’s New Medical Marijuana Law

Advocates facing the crazy-quilt of emerging state laws and decades of bitter political struggles – each of which has to be crafted with federal prohibition and medically bizarre drug schedules in mind – in ways that distort what would otherwise be best practices – and often without reciprocity between states making travel or moving between…

The Scientist panel discussion     See full article –

The Scientist – Panel Discussion     See full article –

Las Vegas Paiutes Tribe Gets Into the Medical Marijuana Game

There are so many branching aspects of rolling back a century of prohibition laws (the first anti-cannabis state laws were passed near the beginning of the 20th Century) that extend into restoring the once near universal medicinal use of cannabis into the 21st. Here’s one interesting side light – integrating legal medical cannabis back into…

Medical marijuana for insomnia

Yes, cannabis is an effective sleep aid, with fewer side effects than prescription medications– #utpol #MMJ #GetSerious #TRUCE     See full article – Medical marijuana for insomnia

Review Identifies 140 Controlled Clinical Trials Related to Cannabis

Words to examine: “We need to wait for the science….” ~One current refrain of medical cannabis opponents in Utah (and everywhere). Fact: The average FDA-approved prescription drug has been through 1-3 controlled clinical trials usually involving a relatively small number of cases. Fact: “Scientists have conducted over 140 controlled clinical trials since 1975 assessing the…