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Arizona marijuana laws: 13 things you need to know

Medical cannabis is legal in Arizona for patients with a qualifying condition confirmed by a doctor. Many of the questions answered here are asked of TRUCE on a daily basis. While Utah’s future medical cannabis program will be much different than Arizona’s, this article may help explain some of the problems faced in Arizona… and…

Park City Television

ON THE AIR: TRUCE will be on Park City TV, Tuesday May 30th [TODAY] at 6pm. 2 TRUCE founder Christine Stenquist and Mindy Vincent of TRUCE and the Utah Harm Reduction Coalition will be on the Terry Burden show to talk about various medical cannabis topics and the use of cannabis as a now proven…

2 girls taken to hospital after eating marijuana cookie |

TRUCE believes all medications should be kept from being accessed by children. This includes prescription pain medications (such as pills and lollipops containing narcotics), cardiac medications found at gramdma’s house, and cannabis edibles. On the bright side, even in concentrated form, the THC contained in this cookie was not harmful to the children. The girls…

American Medical Association

Even the most conservative of the national medical organizations, the AMA, now acknowledges the efficacy of whole plant medical cannabis in multiple areas. The AMA House of Delegates updated the organization’s previous position on keeping cannabis in federal Schedule 1 in 2009, and has been recommending federal rescheduling to facilitate broad research efforts since that…