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Free to Choose: Amanda Ellis-Graham Story

Here’s another Utah patient story in depth: TRUCE volunteer Amanda Ellis-Graham is a long-term Multiple Sclerosis patient (and 4th generation auto-immune sufferer in her family).

We’re happy for Amanda’s results and wish her (and all other patients) only the best going forward as we look to the day when she – and all those in her position – will be able to benefit from a lifted embargo on her medicine and US research into it.

As we’ve noted via many sources, there is massive evidence medicinal cannabis prohibition should never have begun, when relatively light regulation would have done the trick… …and it would also have benefitted many millions over the last 80 years… …saving society from multiple “created tragedies” accruing from the severe social side effects of the prohibition which has prevented this whole field of medicinal applications from flourishing.

Unfettered, MC competes very successfully with many more toxic single molecule pharmaceutical products championed by both their makers and the FDA. Also, the FDA has hired numerous ex-pharmaceutical company execs in high positions over its history, and some return as well, which speaks to its reluctance to deal objectively with cannabis as an economic competitor once freed from illegality.

However, since….

1) Governor Herbert isn’t impressed by success stories (all anecdotes, no matter how many)…

2) and since he doesn’t believe there’s any “real science” behind the rapidly growing field of cannabis medicine (which is simply objectively wrong)…

3) and since the Sutherland Institute praises the Governor’s nearly inchoate stand as reasoned and courageous (!)…

4) while the Utah Medical Association (#UMA) continues to derisively refer to medicinal cannabis as “so called” medicine…

5) and also lauds the gov in “fulfilling his role in protecting public health and safety…”

6) while directly accusing TRUCE and the Utah Patients Coalition of a) lying, b) plotting to turn Salt Lake City into some kind of out of control cannabis carnival, and c) willfully endangering the state’s children!!)…

[Note: We’ll be sharing our analysis of UMA’s way-over-the-top weekend press release ASAP. There’s so much to debunk!!]

Meanwhile, in light of all that shade being cast (with zero cited references for ANY of it), here’s further scientific and clinical confirmation of cannabis’ value in treating the symptoms of MS:

“Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Treatment”

TRUCE: The more you know….

…about the ACTUAL facts – and believe it – the “fact-lite and innuendo heavy” barrage from opponents to cloud the air with a miasma of disinformation akin to a giant Wasatch Front inversion is only just warming up. However, TRUCE will use whatever megaphones we’re afforded to help keep setting the record straight…

…the truth: accept no substitutes…

#MMJ #MS #Research #Stories #UTpol #UTNext #TRUCE    

See full article – Free to Choose: Amanda Ellis-Graham Story

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