Cannabis and schizophrenia: New evidence unveiled

Sunday Special – teasing out the truth about the limited connection between cannabis and schizophrenia. TRUCE, while a consistent and strong advocate for the proven benefits for patients, has never been in the business of “boosterism” for medical...

S39-02 Antipsychotic effects of cannabidiol

2009 European study shows anti-psychotic effects of CBD #MMJ #Utpol #GetSerious #TRUCE     See full article – S39-02 Antipsychotic effects of cannabidiol

House, Senate Moving Closer on Medical Marijuana Plan

Half to two-thirds of a loaf in the Sunshine State….? After weeks of intense political infighting between the Florida House and Senate, the state’s legislature seems to be moving toward compromise on medical cannabis as the session winds down. Given that...

High Science

June 2015 National Geographic- Unlocking the Secrets of Cannabis     See full article – High Science