How to Apply for a Caregiver Card

*NOTE: The patient must first have an active medical cannabis card in order to register someone as their caregiver.

  • Login to and navigate to the “Caregivers” section of their existing EVS application. Once the patient hits “+New Caregiver” and adds the new caregiver’s information, they’ll save and submit the application. This will trigger an email to send to the caregiver listed with additional instructions.
  • If they haven’t already done so, the person designated as caregiver must first create a UtahID account by going here.
  • After creating a UtahID account, click “Caregiver Registration” and complete the application, then hit “Register.”
  • Pay the medical cannabis card application fee online in the EVS.
    • Fees for a caregiver card are $68.25 for the primary initial patient fee and $15 for a second patient. Primary patient renewals are $14.
  • After payment, the Department will contact caregivers via the email registered with EVS to begin the background check process.
  • Once the caregiver’s background check is cleared, the application should be completed within 15 days or less.
  • Caregiver will receive their card via email, which can then be printed out.To purchase medical cannabis, a caregiver must bring their medical cannabis card and a valid form of photo identification, such as a driver’s license, with them to the dispensary.​