How to Apply for a Non-Resident Card

1. Create an account with the UtahID system at

2. On the registration screen, select registration type “Non-Utah Resident”
and ensure all other required fields are completed.

3. From the home page, hover over “Tracking Inbox” and then Patient -> New

4. This will open your patient registration record. Select applicant type “I am
applying for myself” or “I am applying for my minor child.” Complete all
required fields in the Patient Information and Patient Proof of Identity section.

5. Use the blue “browse” button to upload a copy of your current out-of-state
Medical Cannabis patient card.

7. Click “save” at the bottom left of the screen.
*NOTE: If you receive any validation errors for
incomplete fields, you’ll need to re-upload your cannabis card copy.

8. When the screen has saved correctly your card will be in status “Awaiting

9. Click the Payment tab to enter a credit card payment

10. Click the blue “click here to pay” button. This will prompt your browser to
open a new payment window.
*NOTE: If the window does not open, your browser’s pop-up blocker is interfering and must be turned off.

11. Follow the payment instructions on the Utah GOVPAY payment screens.
When your payment has completed successfully it will return you to the
Payment listing in your EVS account. Use the blue Patient link in the
breadcrumb trail to return to your patient information and confirm your
updated status.

12. Your status will now be “Awaiting State Review.” An approver with the
Medical Cannabis program will review the Non-Resident application and
whenever possible, we will activate your card on your requested activation
date. When your card has been approved, you will receive an email with a
copy of your card to print or download to your phone.

Other Important Resources
UDOH Patient Application User Guide
UtahID/ Electronic Verification System (EVS) website