How to apply for a medical cannabis card in Utah

  • Find a medical provider who is registered to recommend cannabis
  • Meet with a provider in person for the initial visit
  • Create a Utah ID/ EVS account here.
  • After creating a Utah ID account, a profile should say “awaiting certification.” This means the medical provider will enter a certification and recommendation
  • Pay the medical cannabis card fee online by returning to Utah ID account. Card fees are $15 for the initial and $15 for renewal (every six months)
    • PLEASE NOTE: This does not include the QMP fee, which averages between $200 – $225 for the initial visit and between $100 – $175 for renewal.
  • Receive your medical cannabis card in the mail. This should take about 15 days or less from the date the application is submitted for most patients, but for minors or patients without a qualifying condition, this could take up to 90 days.
  • Purchase medical cannabis from a local dispensary. To find a dispensary close to you, see here [go to map with dispensaries]
    • NOTE: Be sure to bring both your medical cannabis card and your ID to the dispensary. You will need both to make a purchase.