New Patient Information

TRUCE Prepares You

As a patient, the last thing you need is to struggle through more paperwork. Let us help you make this a pleasant experience.

Qualifying Conditions

What conditions qualify you to receive a medical cannabis card?

Get Your Card

All the steps required to get your Medical Cannabis Card.

Renew Your Card

Everything you need to know about renewing your Medical Cannabis Card.

Qualified Medical Provider

What QMPs are, how they help you and where to find them.

Caregiver Cards

Learn how these cards allow someone else to help you.

Get A Caregiver Card

All the steps required to apply for and receive a Caregiver Card.

Non-Resident Cards

What you need to know if you are visiting Utah and need access to medicine.

Get A Non-Resident Card

Details on how to apply for and acquire what you need while visiting Utah.

Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Where you need to go, who is near you, who delivers and more!