We feel for you, neighbors. We've been through the getting slimed with surreal accusations for months on end by better funded opponents.

Our prime tormentor was Drug Safe Utah – a deep-pocketed group that either had no understanding of the truth, or that did, but just didn't care in its all out drive to spread dangerous misinformation.

In fact we're having a PTSD reaction to even being reminded of how much fun this process is.

….hang in there. You've embarked on a long road, Idaho Cannabis Coalition.

We're only a step ahead of you. Seeing that the prohibitionists aren't about to start getting real and sensible, activists are digging in for the long haul here – and basically everywhere. There's so much left to be done, and still so many unreasonable, misinformed, and not very nice people to contend with. Including all of those whose bread is buttered by the current systems of medical care and law enforcement.

We WILL achieve a fairer, well-functioning medical cannabis program, and we believe you will too…!


πŸ“’ Opposition to Idaho Medical Marijuana Act Launches Campaign

The anti-drug crusaders are now mobilizing against our effort to put the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act (IMMA)Β on the 2020 Ballot. Called "Idahoans for Healthy Kids and Communities," they have launched a website at IHKC.org. At their website, they are claiming that IMMA "will produce dramatic negative…