There’s no dearth of exciting news about cannabis from the research world – and the pipeline is only opening up wider…..

“The most exciting new frontier in cannabis research this year wasn’t any individual study. It was a pair of developments (one in Canada, the other in the United States) that together promise to spur the research studies of the future on a scale never seen before, with a scope of inquiry that includes exploring potential benefits, rather than myopically focusing on potential harms.”

Read on for the details – and don’t miss recaps of new studies like these, some cases extending knowledge we already have evidence of and in others, breaking new ground:

*Cannabis Safely, Effectively Provides Pain Relief to Seniors
*Cannabis Enhances Pain-Relief from Opioids
*CBD Has Profound Antidepressant Effect in Rodents
*Cannabis Enhances Sex (An area on which there has long been a plethora of “anecdotal evidence” we might add 😊)
*CBD May Help Treat Methamphetamine Addiction
*CBD Restores Brain Changes Caused By Regular Cannabis Use

Fascinating reading, all….. CLICK HERE TO READ The Most Important Cannabis Studies of 2018

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