When AARP is helping tens of millions of retirees (and those heading toward their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond understand the changing landscape of cannabis reform with a positive attitude, you know the prohibitionists' hold on this key demographic is evaporating like morning dew in the sun….

"With some 38 million members, and a magazine that tops the circulation of any publication in the country, AARP is arguably the most influential organization addressing adults over 50 in the United States. A non-partisan, non-profit organization, AARP’s publications, benefits programs, community activities and activism have sealed its reputation as an unbiased and trusted advocate on behalf of its constituents.

So when AARP publishes what older adults should know about medical marijuana, as it did this week in a special feature on Marijuana and Your Health, you know the message is going mainstream.

This isn’t the first time AARP has addressed marijuana topics. Yet the publication of an entire set of articles addressing the medical and recreational uses of cannabis and CBD, with a focus on practical education and dispelling misconceptions, represents a critical milestone on the road towards cannabis normalization.

Sourcing accurate information about medical marijuana can be a formidable challenge for older adults. And in AARP’s September 3rd coverage of “The Basics,” readers are warned not to expect too much in the way of guidance from their healthcare providers. And then, six additional articles and videos start to fill in the blanks.

Under the FAQs, for example, one can find measured, rational answers on issues such as the appropriate dosing of THC for older adults: start with 2.5 mg in a “start low, go slow” titrating approach. Considering the confusion surrounding this issue, clearly presented information like this fills a critical void.

Other information, such as how to store different forms of cannabis, and the differences between Indica and Sativa, is more esoteric. But the mere mention of these concepts on the pages of AARP’s magazine and website is enough to shift them from the periphery onto the mainstream public agenda."

We'll take it! You go, AARP…..

Much more in the article….

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AARP Takes Medical Marijuana Mainstream

AARP's recent publication of a series of educational articles on medical marijuana, with endorsement of its use under specific circumstances, could potentially impact the opinions of millions of Americans.