"Today may be the last sentence in one chapter, but its the beginning line of the next. Cannabis policy and education in Utah has a long way to go yet, still. Hopefully, with a concerted effort, the community and patients can get the program they deserve." Stenquist, the founder of TRUCE, stated in a news release.

Indeed. The lawsuit and our continuing activism has led to important changes in the replacement law which have helped make it less awful.

Also…. …never forget, legal medical cannabis is the law in the state of Utah. We all did that! It's a real start, and we're not done yet….



Advocates drop lawsuit challenging Utah’s medical cannabis compromise bill

Advocates for Proposition 2, Utah's 2018 medical cannabis proposal, plan to drop their lawsuit against the state for replacing the voter-approved measure with a compromise bill. Together for Responsible Use and Cannabis Education and its co-plaintiffs Epilepsy Association of Utah, Christine Stenquis…