We'll admit that we kind of expected or at least hoped that drug place testing for cannabis would start to fade away by now especially given legal medical cannabis.

But it's been more the opposite. For various reasons which are mentioned in the article and probably others.

Also, we understand that drinking on one's time is legal, therefore acceptable in the majority of jobs that cannabis generally isn't. But if they had comparable legal histories, and weeding out (as it were) potential workplace drug-related impairment, just wonder what would happen in American workplaces if they tested for alcohol use within a week (the still most commonly used cannabis test really doesn't measure cannabis intoxication whatsoever) and considered that disqualifying…


American workers are failing drug tests at the highest rate in 16 years, despite a growing trend of marijuana legalization

Marijuana could be legal in up to 40 states this year. Activist organizations oppose many at-work tests especially in non-safety-sensitive industries.