We've shared many thousands of articles about the therapeutic effects of cannabis and the benefits of hemp. We've discussed THC and CBD and the other four "big six" cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, CBC and THCV), and the entourage (or ensemble) effect. We've discussed THCA and CBDA – the acid forms of THC and CBD (the psychoactive effects of THC don't exist in this form – it has to be heated [decarboxylated]). We've brought in trichomes and considered terpenes and terpenoids, and exciting new compounds which are only present in trace amounts but which could be especially potent. And we've covered many of the attempts to synthesize cannabinoid medications.

We've also extensively covered the the nutritive and fiber value of hemp. And covered hemp as a CBD source.

But the one part of the plant we've never shared a single article about is the root of the cannabis plant.

Which doesn't mean there's not a lot that may be worth paying a lot of attention to. So for the first time in six years of blogging, we finally remedy that neglect of the part of the plant under the ground….

"Today, cannabis plant roots have largely been ignored in favor of the potent flowers that top the plant. However, the roots of the plant have potential for a variety of therapeutic applications. Present-day researchers are looking back through the history books to investigate how people prepared and used cannabis root medicine. After combining chemical analysis with studies on the many isolated compounds, modern science has discovered several novel applications that may have therapeutic value for humans.

For those patients that grow their own, cannabis roots are readily accessible. And one day, commercial growers may process the roots into a rich, all-natural remedy for a variety of inflammatory ailments. After all, why let a possibly medicinally benefit go into waste?

However, there are reasons to be cautious when using cannabis root. Not the least of which is the pharmacokenetics of certain molecules that may be concentrated within the root. So what should patients know about dosing and possible interactions of cannabis root medicine? The following is a detailed overview of cannabis root medicine, including these precautions."

Read on and react….

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Ancient Cannabis Root Medicine Gets Modern Day Attention from Science

Cannabis root medicine has a deep, global history, employed for fever, inflammation, and the pains of childbirth. What does modern research say?