From down Arizona way… …we're always surprised by something in the news. There are no end of twists and turns in the story of cannabis reform….

So, in this case, legit, useful "research" or "The better to bust users, my dear"…..?? 🤔


"The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) has confirmed that for about 4 years it has been producing marijuana extracts (concentrates). Their program is intended to help prosecutors and law enforcement officers understand the marijuana flower-to-concentrates ratio.

Phoenix attorney Tom Dean was approached by another attorney regarding a marijuana extracts case, which brought the news of this covert program to light, AZ Mirror reports. Dean received a report from MCSO detailing the extent of the extraction lab’s capabilities and process. Initially, it appeared that the MCSO was attempting to make it look as if they had just started creating extracts following the Arizona Supreme Court’s ruling in May that legalized extracts in Arizona.

One detective said he’d “been conducting chemical and mechanical extractions in training for students to watch to understand the process for at least 5 years” and that his group has been conducting weekly extractions of cannabis oil using non-polar (butane) extraction method since March 2018.

MCSO said…

For over 4 years the unit has been training first responders on the hazards of butane honey oil extractions, and the methods cannabis is manufactured from marijuana. For example, one method is to run butane over marijuana to show how basic cannabis oil is manufactured, as well as the flammable and explosive hazards of that process. (The task force) provides officers and investigators training and prepares expert testimony for prosecuting agencies throughout the state. Therefore, when the question of ‘can a person possess (X amount) of cannabis and still be covered under the immunities offered under the (medical marijuana laws)?’ arises, (the task force) needs to develop a baseline to answer or opine based on training and experience and support that with facts and evidence if possible.”

Hmmm. More in the article. Your takes…??


Arizona Cops Are Secretly Making Marijuana Concentrates

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