Here are some interesting facts and figures on what can happen for economies when legal cannabis starts to put people to work as opposed to the bad old days of locking cannabis users (including many patients) up AND paying still other people to keep them there and unproductive with nothing accomplished at a great cost in higher taxes and needlessly ruined lives and careers…..

Leafly just conducted an independent state by state investigation:

"How many jobs are there in the legal cannabis industry? It’s a common question—and one the government refuses to answer.

Because cannabis remains federally illegal, employment data agencies such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics ignore all jobs related to the industry.

Legal cannabis is the greatest job creation machine in America. Our employment data proves it.

That’s too bad, because they’re missing one of the most dramatic job booms in recent history."

Check out their fascinating findings and please sound off below….


As of 2019, legal cannabis has created 211,000 full-time jobs in America

An estimated 64,000 jobs were added in 2018, making cannabis the nation's fastest-growing industry. Download Leafly's report and state-by-state analysis.