How good or bad this news is depends on your POV…..

We haven't been covering all of the active stories about what's going on in cannabusiness. There are only so many angles we can focus on, and there hasn't been a lot of local news on this score yet as our business sector is just starting to emerge.

And frankly, it's not an area of expertise for us, as we focus on the immediate welfare of patients and on getting laws in place to best serve their known needs.

But this aspect is very interesting. And will be especially interesting to us if the federal government EVER de-schedules cannabis, making interstate commerce legal between legal states.

It turns out (who knew?) that cannabis is a hearty, fairly easy to grow plant that can be planted all over the country, indoors and out, and that an oversupply is not only possible, it's been happening in various places for years already: Oregon (where low grade cannabis was once $40/ounce, while Utah's starting price could be closer to $20/gram for blister-packed flower.

And Washington is another example. And now that these things are playing out in stock markets. the opening up of Canada's whole country market provides a lot of data about how well investing in cannabis is – and isn't going.

Read on, and please comment with your insights….

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