A most worthwhile finding – but there's a problem not mentioned in the article we discuss after this excerpt below.

"The study shows bees are highly attracted to cannabis due to the plant’s plentiful pollen, and it could pave the way for scientists to figure out new ways to support their struggling population as well as floral populations.

According to the study, the greater the area covered by hemp, the greater the chance that bees will swarm to the area. Additionally, those hemp plants that are taller have a greater likelihood of attracting bees, with the tallest plants attracting a stunning 17 times more bees than the shortest plants.

The study also found that as time went on greater amounts of bees visited the hemp plots on a more frequent basis. It sounds almost like the word-of-mouth effect among humans who hear about great deals at a dispensary, no?

The findings may seem strange considering that cannabis doesn’t produce the sweet, sugary nectar that your typical floral varieties produce to attract insects. Nor does hemp flower come in the dazzling array of bright colors. However, the pollen produced by male flowers is highly attractive to the 16 bee subspecies in the study for reasons that remain unknown."


"Female flowers—the kind that humans like to smoke for its intoxicating and soothing effects—are basically ignored by bees since they don’t produce any actual flowers."

So for the planet's and the bees' sake we need (completely) separate plots of male plants – not treated with any pesticides, and grown for fiber production only for human purposes.

BUT (and not covered in the article)….

For cannabinoid harvesting (CBD or full spectrum), growers cannot allow males to fertilize plots of female plants to avoid creating the huge amount of seeds many of us remember. And in fact, Oregon is attempting to outlaw growing male plants outdoors altogether. http://bit.ly/ban_male_hemp

This research needs circulation in Oregon and elsewhere.


Bees Absolutely Love Cannabis and It Could Help Restore Their Populations

Bees are major fans of cannabis and a recent study has found that the taller the hemp plants are the larger the number of bees that will flock to it.