Here's a move in Washington that just might work out for patients in the long term… …more pressure on the DEA from a bipartisan group of lawmakers to open up opportunities for real medical research, no legislation required….

…but, of course, the drug wars bureaucracy has proven itself to be champion foot draggers on more occasions than we care to mention. So no predictions from us about what fruit this effort might bear.

Cannabis' Schedule 1 status has long inhibited research in the US, and as has come to light in recent years, the material furnished (ever so grudgingly) to approved research projects all comes from the government's single farm is of low quality and almost bears no relationship to what's being used by actual patients in legal states.

How can you tell if the drug is effective if you're only working with a limited, degraded version of the medicine? And of course it's all a single cultivar ("strain"), so no variation of either cannabinoids or terpenes for example.

The requests made here are different from the changes the DEA has now been resisting for three years, and if approved could be put into effect much more quickly than the previous requested changes. Read on for details….

The group of lawmakers has asked for a definitive answer to their multiple requests by December 20.


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A bipartisan coalition of lawmakers from the House and Senate sent a letter to the Justice Department on Friday, requesting a policy change allowing researchers to access marijuana from state-legal dispensaries to improve studies on the plant’s benefits and risks. The letter, led by Rep. Harley Ro…