Briefly noted: This bit of insanity:

When we posted Evan Vickers' video two days ago, we focused on a new provision that would leave LEGAL patients subject to a brand new (and unique to Utah we think) misdemeanor – that is, carrying cannabis flower they bought at a Utah dispensary more than 60 days ago – on the bizarre basis that it's given "medicinal dosage form" and meant to be entirely consumed in the month it's dispensed…. …would result in card holding patients charged with misdemeanor possession of cannabis.

This is isn't exactly how pain disorders work for one thing, and btw, how are patients supposed to dispose of their unused flower if they haven't consumed it by the "deadlines"?? (TRUCE thanks a sharp blog reader, Mark Bolyea, who pointed out these questions.)

Three points:

1. Senator Vickers didn't say so in the video, but this potential legal charge would only apply to cannabis flower being carried outside of a patients' home. We did want to clarify that.

2. We have to make sure of this, but our sense is that Cannabis flower (the classical form of uber scary Devils' Lettuce which kept Prop 2 foes up all night every night with reefer madness nightmares in 2018) is the ONLY legal form this expiration crime applies to.

BUT we MISSED something. The new secure bottles – which are an alternative to the unlamented blister packs previously mandated in the law – will only hold ONE GRAM of flower!!

Beyond making less than zero sense (e.g., the flower will still be crushed and otherwise overly handled in packing and the handling and packaging will add to patient cost), that's an environmental nightmare.

As in 28 bottles to an ounce to dispose of. 28. Twenty-eight. TWENTY-EIGHT pieces of durable trash.