"According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), about 2.5 million people in the United States and 17 million worldwide suffer from myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), also known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). ME/CFS is a serious condition that can cause significant impairment, rendering 75% of sufferers disabled, with 25% homebound and even bedridden. Eighty percent of Americans who meet the criteria for ME/CFS have not been diagnosed. Complicating matters even more, many sufferers are dismissed as addled with a somatic symptom disorder, which basically means, 'It’s all in your head,' and prescribed antidepressants.

'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a very challenging disease,' says Robert K. Naviaux, MD, head of the Mitochondrial and Metabolic Disease Center at UC San Diego School of Medicine. 'It affects multiple systems of the body. Symptoms vary and are common to many other diseases. There is no diagnostic laboratory test. Patients may spend tens of thousands of dollars and years trying to get a correct diagnosis'.”

So can cannabis play a positive role in its management, amelioration and even cure?

There are many promising indications, and medical science is also starting to understanding why CBD and THC (among other cannabis constituents yet to be studied) may be very to quite useful. Read on…..


Cannabis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | Project CBD

What would you do if you were faced with the incurable symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? One woman’s journey led her to a life-changing experience with cannabis.